Mitsubishi Rosa Bus

For Sale By owner ADZ on 2020-01-18, Colombo, Colombo 15

LKR 7,500,000

: LKR 69,100

: LKR 1,050,000

Ad Reference : A2729121507771191
Model Year : 2013
Condition : Brand New
Transmission : Manual
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi
Model : Rosa
Fuel Type : Diesel
Engine Capacity : 4920 CC
Mileage : 78000 km
Color : White

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TV setup

Cool box

Adjustable seats

Original Japan

Original mileage

සං� à·à¶»à¶š ව්‍යාපාරයත් සමඟ ස්ථීර ආදායමක් සහිත වේ ෆිනෑන්ස් ඇත අතට - ලක්ෂ 27 ෆිනෑන්ස් - ලක්ෂ 48

Good condition

Quick sale

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