Dehydrate Machine

For Sale By ADSking Advertising Company on 2022-06-25, Colombo, Piliyandala

Rs 350,000
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Types of Fuels  :   Electrical

Capacity  :   100 nos Coconut nuts or 25kg

Temperature   :   50-80 Celsius

Heating Capacity   :   3kW

Number of Trays   :   8

Tray Size   :  2×2 ft  ( Stainless steel net )

Cabin Size   :  2x2x4ft  ( LxWxH )

Power Supply   :   Single phase

For coconut oil products , vegetable dehydrate and spices dehydrate 350,000/=


  Reasons why our organization is special   

Introducing technology that is constantly evolving.

Be the only dehydrate machine with a powder coating finish.

Be the only machine that uses an air heater.

Having a large number of models to choose from.

Have a finished machine and be available quickly.


No.60/8B, Siddamulla, Piliyandala.

Hot line  –   0772357502

Office  –   0115882077

Marketing  –    0766631887



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