Portable Unlock 4G Router

For Sale By Hirun Thishakya on 2022-11-28, Colombo, Athurugiriya

LKR 12,900
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Seller : Hirun Thishakya
Unit : 1 item
Category : Electronics
Sub Category : Computers & Accessories
Address : 419/7,Kottawa Rd, Athurugiriya

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සියලුම Prepaid හා Postpaid Sim සදහා වැඩ කරයි 
Support All Network (Dialog,mobitel,airtel,hutch) 
(Postpaid & Prepaid)

Brand New
Full Set

Warranty: 3 Months

Product Details:
Simple Design, Light Weight, Portable, So You Can Travel At Any Time.

Designed For Wifi Users To Get Access To The Internet Via Umts/hspa/lte. In Order To Connect To A High-speed Network Easily And Fast, It Uses A Removable Battery. It Supports 4g Network Band Frequency. The Five-mode 16-band Frequency Supports All Domestic Carrier Networks And 4g / 3g / 2g Networks For Most Carrier Networks Worldwide.

Used For Indoor Or Outdoor Without Broadband Place, Put It Into Your Pocket, Enjoy Wifi Anytime And Anywhere.

Mini Size; The 4g Wifi Router Suitable For Travel With Family And Friends Indoor Or Outdoor.

Screen Display;  Lithium Battery 2300mah 
(Please Charge More Than 24 Hours On First Time Charger)

Long Battery Life: Built-in 2300 Mah Battery, Detachable Battery, Sustainable Operation For About 10 Hours, Standby Time More Than One Month.

Easy To Connect; And Easy To Carry In Hand Sharing Up To 10 Users And Covering 50m Wifi Distance.

Security And Flood Prevention Network: Wif1 Universal Key Supporting Wpa / Wpa2 Effectively Avoiding Hacking Into Your Network.

Specifications: Ue: Lte Category 3 Hotspot Network Mode And Frequency Bands:

1) Fdd-lte Band: 2.1g(B1)/1.8g(B3)mhz;
2) Tdd-lte Band: 2.6g(B38)/2.6g(B41) Mhz;
3) Cdma Band: 800(bc0)mhz;
4) Wcdma Band: 2100(B1)/1900(B2)/850(B5) Mhz;
5) Gsm Band: 850(B5)/900(B8)/1800(B3)/1900(B2) Mhz* Supported

Network: Cdma/td-lte/fdd-lte/wcdma/gsm* Data Transfer Rate:

1) Lte: Download Speed To 100mbps/upload Speed To 50mbps
2) Cdma:download Speed To 3.1mbps/upload Speed To 1.8mbps;

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