Minneriya Wild Safaris - Day Trip Package

: Rs 4,500

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Duration: One Day
Destination: Habarana
Tour Agent: Minneriya Wild Safaris
Type of Tour: Adventure Tours
Validity Period: Inquire From Hotel
No of Persons: One or More
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DAY OUTING PACKAGE FULL DAY (HABARANA) 🐘🦚🐾🌾🚣‍♂️🌽🏃🏽‍♂️🤳 “A place which is hidden from the Complexity” Ultimate Adventurous activities & Wildlife Safari • Duration : Morning 10am - Evening 5Pm (Flexible)

1 to 4 LKR 4500pp 

5 to 8 LKR 3500pp 

Above 8 LKR 3000pp

📎 Package includes:

* Nature Walk

* Catamaran (Double Canoe) Safari at the lake (Life jackets provided)

* Freshly prepared village lunch buffet with our very unique delicious fried Lake fish at the Wadiya by the scenic lake

• Jeep Safari to Minneriya National Park or Hurulu Eco Park by luxury 4x4 Jeep (including entrance tickets and taxes) ( All jeeps are with Passenger insurance and certified by the Department of Wildlife Conservation - DWC)

📌All the health and safety protocols followed and stringent covid 19 rules implemented in all point of services according to the advise of Ministry of Health

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