Master Of Information Technology – E-Learning (MIT-eL)

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Field : Information Technology
Provider : University of Colombo
Granting Institute : University of Colombo
Mode of Study: Full time in Sri Lanka

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E-Learning Centre (eLC) is one of the six centers of the University Of Colombo School Of Computing. Its main goal is to facilitate the digital transformation of teaching-learning process by integrating e-learning practices. Although it is a service Centre of the UCSC to support undergraduate, postgraduate and external and extension degree programmes, it has become a national Centre during the last decade by providing services for both local and international organizations ( eLC has a dedicated staff who conducts research and development work in e-Learning. On behalf of UCSC, e-Learning Centre is willing to undertake assignments in the domain of e-learning.


  • To improve the electronic learning infrastructure of the UCSC
  • To conduct research and development in e-learning to enhance the quality of education within UCSC and to extend the education to masses
  • To spread the culture of electronic education to produce high quality blended learning courses
  • To offer flexible learning possibilities in degree programmes
  • To make information, learning activities and study materials available online for learners
  • To diversify the study process and make it more interesting, efficient and contemporary
  • To facilitate the cooperation of other local universities as well as to promote international cooperation

Activities conducted during 2018

  • Maintained the following virtual learning environments for undergraduate, external and postgraduate under the theme “ViduPiyasa” [UCSC Virtual Campus]
  • For internal undergraduate (around 1000 active students)
  • For external undergraduates (around 6000 active students)
  • For postgraduate students (around 700 active students)
  • Carried out online e-Testing for Enhancement courses of BIT degree programme (more than 2000 students)
  • Carried out online e-Testing for Introduction to Entrepreneurship Course (more than 1000 students)
  • Maintained a special VLE instance for final year projects of BIT students ( (more than 700 students)
  • Managed the online learning programme “Foundation in Information Technology” (FIT) via, as the foundation programme in ICT.
  • Developed interactive content for teaching, learning and assessment for the online courses hosted in the VLEs.
  • Provided an online guidance, also known as e-Facilitation, for the BIT and FIT online courses.
  • Carried out online selection and recruitment tests for public and private organizations (KPMG, University of Colombo)
  • Maintained the public online learning portal for Free and Open Education – which consists of more than 40 free courses
  • Supported conducting “blended learning” workshops for other faculties in the University of Colombo as capacity development programmes under the UNESCO Funded Blended Learning Project of the University of Colombo.


  • 30 online courses available in the for the BIT degree programme
  • 218 online courses available in the for the Internal undergraduate degree programmes
  • 75 online courses available in the for the postgraduate degree programmes
  • 11 online courses available in the for the FIT certificate programme
  • 40 online courses available in the for the general public with interactive online content and online assessments.



  • Dr. Ms. T.A. Weerasinghe – BSc(Col), PGDip, MSc(Col), PhLic(Stockholm), PhD(Stockholm) (Senior Lecturer )


  • Ms. K.M.G.B. Nishakumari BSc (Col) , BIT (Col), MSc (Edinburgh) (Scientific Assistant Grade II) (Team Leader)
  • Ms. K.K. Amila Nishanthi (Content Developer)
  • Ms. M.B.P. Disanayake (Instructional Designer)
  • Ms. P.H Thilakaratne (Management Assistant)
  • Ms. L.H.I Dilshani (Instructional Designer)
  • Mr. G.S. Hettiarachchi (LMS Administrator/Software Engineer)
  • Mr. T.W.D Lakshan (Instructor/LMS Administrator)

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