Master Of Arts In Buddhist Studies

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Ad Reference : A2513081459813202001
Field : Master
Provider : University Of Kelaniya
Granting Institute : University of Kelaniya
Mode of Study: Full time in Sri Lanka

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Aim of the Programme

The course is aimed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of Pāli Buddhism, Buddhist Psychology and Psychological Counseling, Buddhism and Social problems, International Trends of Buddhism, Buddhist Literary Criticism, in which students are expected to be aware of the Theravāda primary sources and various trends depicted through which.


The outcome of the Programme

On completion of the course, students will be able to obtain a competent knowledge of Buddhism including Buddhist Psychology, Psychological Counseling, Buddhist and Social Problems, International Trends in Buddhism, and Buddhist Literary Criticism.


Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

Lectures, Workshops, Discussions, Conference Papers, and Research Projects.


Program Type: Onsite

Course Content: View


Payment Structure

  One Year Programme Two Year Programme
Local Student

Foreign Student

Local Student

Foreign Student

Total Course Fee 50000 LKR 900 USD 70000 LKR 1290 USD
1st installment 20000 LKR 323 USD 20000 LKR 453 USD
2nd installment 15000 LKR 288 USD 25000 LKR 418 USD
3rd installment 15000 LKR 289 USD 25000 LKR 419 USD


SLQF Level

Level 9 & 10