Bachelor Of Biological Science

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Field : Science
Provider : Royal Institute of Colombo ( RIC )
Granting Institute : DEAKIN UNIVERSITY
Mode of Study: 1 Year in Sri Lanka and 2 Years in Australia
Duration : 3 Years

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  • Equip yourself with the skills needed to tackle the environmental and medical challenges of the 21st century with Deakin’s biological science program. Deakin offers a wide range of study areas to prepare students for a career in general health and medical industry; food and agriculture-based industries; wildlife biology; environmental consulting; museums; herbaria; and the emerging biotechnology industries.


Entry Requirements

• 9 points in Sri Lankan National A/Levels

• 6 points in UK A/Levels*

*To calculate A/L (UK) points: A*/A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1
  To calculate A/L (Sri Lanka) points: A*/A=5, B=4, C=3, S=2


If the above grades are not obtained, the student is required to complete the


Deakin Foundation Programme


Course Structure

The course comprises a total of 8 credit points.

Year 1

  • SLE133   Chemistry in Our World

  • SLE115   Essential Skills in Bioscience

  • SIT191    Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

  • SLE111   Cells and Genes

  • SEP122  Physics for Life Sciences

  • SLE132  Biology: Form and Function

  • SLE155  Chemistry for the Professional Sciences

  • SLE103  Ecology and the Environment